Avid readers of our website, Blog Jennifer Dowolfarth, know that I spend a portion of the night commuting on Route 78 between Snellville and Clarkston.

The night before last, just as I was passing by Stone Mountain, I had a dreadful encounter. While driving in my Lexus ES 350, I could not have been more surprised.

One minute I was peacefully driving along and the next moment the hooves of a large buck had penetrated my windshield, and shards of glass were everywhere.

I pulled over abruptly and discovered that the impact had instantly killed the beast and caused a respectable amount of damage to the hood and windshield of my car.

I needed to locate a 24 hour towing service and fortunately, I found 24 Hour Towing Atlanta ( within moments on my phone.

24 Hour Towing Atlanta To The Rescue

 I gathered my thoughts as I spoke to the dispatcher. They wanted to know if I was OK. I realized that the flying glass had startled me but I actually experienced no cuts.

The dispatcher told me she could have a wrecker to my location within fifteen minutes, and that sounded pretty good to me! It was late, about 3 am and I felt quite happy to know I could be helped out so quickly at a time like this.

I knew I was going to need to send the car to the Lexus dealer in town and I figured I could get my webmaster who presides over our website to give me a ride back home.

It wasn’t really too long at all until the tow truck arrived along with the Georgia State Police who took my report.

It would seem to the County Mounty and the wrecker operator alike that it was rather unusual that the airbags on the vehicle did not deploy. My co-worker arrived on the scene just as the Wildlife officer got there to do something with the animal carcass.

After about nearly an hour on the scene, we were finally all pulling out and started thinking about resuming our normal lives.

Reflecting On My Mishap

Still getting over the adrenaline that had coursed through my bloodstream from the event, I thought about how lucky the trooper said I was that I had not be injured in the accident.

My co-worker was happy to help me out with the ride and said: “I know you’re going to turn around and write about all this to put on our website!” and he was right!

So, I spoke to the dealer the next morning. Their estimator felt the car would take about a week to repair. My insurance would cover it all after a $500 deductible. I guess I was lucky the police didn’t cite me for something or make me pay to clean up the dead deer.

He did say :it happens all the time out there.” I called Enterprise to get a rental. They come to you! I guess I’m lucky to be alive.

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